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3if.eu was conceived as an acronym for Industrial IoT In Flanders (3x I), Industry 4.0 In  Flanders and Industrial Internet In Flanders  but was turned into Industrial IoT In Factories in 2020 after seeing the succesful development of IIoT in Manufacturing. in Flanders it started as a project by LSEC – Leaders in Security vzw (link www.lsec.eu) and industrial partners to support the development of the Industrial Internet and Industry 4.0 development in Europe. For the last decade our group of experts has developed expertise, best practices and use cases  toward digital transformation for manufactuing. The 3if activities aim to directly support manufacturing companies in Flanders, providing access to expertise, experiences and knowledge. A series of use cases, reference cases and business cases will be collected and made available to a wide group of companies and organisations interested in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT), smart sensors, cloud computing and data analytics for industrial purposes. 

If you are : 

  •           A manufacturing company interested in exploring, or applying internet technologies into your production environment
  •           A production or manufacturing company already applying internet technologies into your production environment, and would like to expand that with sensors and data analytics tools and technologies
  •           A provider of industrial internet technologies, industry 4.0, iot platforms and technologies or related technology and service providers
  •           A professional expert in the domain of manufacturing, engineering for manufacturing, MSP, ERP for industry, application engineering, app builders, sensor technology developers or data analytics
  •           An academic researcher in any of the above domains, interested in applying your expertise in the field and looking for application partners
  •           An industrial internet, iot or related consortium or association, interested in teaming up sharing expertise and experiences across Europe

Announcing 3if.eu and 3if.be webinars

The 3if.eu webinars have been conceived to work towards our annual 3if.eu conference, normally taking place June 10th, but due to the current new normal, supporting our community with additional webinars

Please register here to participate to one or multiple of the planned webinars :


Up&Coming Sessions

June 24th 2020, Wednesday, 9AM CET
Session 4 :  Industrial IoT and IoT asset management, digital identities, with ForgeRock 

More information and registration.

3if Webinars ForgeRock Gerhard 20200624 copy


Other Up&Coming Sessions go to the webinars page for more information 

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More about Digital Factories and Digital Manufacturing Platforms with ConnectedFactories

3if.eu and LSEC are a partner in the European projects Connected Factories and Connected Factories 2. Together with technology and research partners from Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Finland, UK, Belgium and Hungary, the project developed a series of so called "Pathways", driveways towards factory automation and digitalisation. Built around some prospecive factory concepts such as Autonomous Production or Hyperconnected Factories, a series of digital platforms were identified and their components, challenges, business models, cybersecurity challenges, integration relations and other considerations to put in place when conceptualizing the future of the factories. Part of the European Commission Research program, it aims to support the Innovation Actions and Research in Digital Manufacturing platforms and cybersecurity for manufacturing. 

For more information, please visit connectedfactories.eu


Previous Webinars : 

June 10th 2020, Wednesday, 9AM CET 
Session 3 :  Experiences from the Fieldlab Condition Based Maintenance at 
Chemelot (NL) and perspectives for maintenance of the future, with Paul Van Kempen, WorldClassMaintenance - fieldlab CAMPIONE

More information and registration

3if Webinars WCM PaulVanKempent 20200610


June 3rd 2020, Wednesday, 9AM CET - 
Session 2 :  Azure IoT and Microsoft's Industrial developments

 For more information about this webinar and the speaker, please go to the  webinars. page. 

3if Webinars MS Industrial 20200603


May 27th 2020, Wednesday, 9AM CET : 
Session 1 :  Best Practices from the Mantis Method - 
Use Cases for Industrial IoT Condition Based Maintenance

Go to the webinars page to watch the video recording. 


April 14th, 12PM (noon) CET : LSEC Industrial Cybersecurity and NIS-Directive webinars  

Every week, from April 14th our partner LSEC will be showcasing different aspects on industrial cybersecurity. With contributions from Engie Cybersecurity, ABB Industrial, Phoenix Contact, Secudea, Toreon, Microsoft, FireEye, Trend Micro, Lansweeper, ... 

Go to the LSEC webinars page for registration or watch the video recordings. 

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Please contact us directly at Ulrich.Seldeslachts at 3IF.be, the Industrial Internet In Flanders Consortium.