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Firstname + Lastname: PATRICK WILLEKENS
Description: After 20 years in product management for various technology products now moving into sales management for products that require a strong technical background. Whenever and wherever remote communications and data transfer is required, Option has an effective, cost-effective solution. Security. Monitoring. Tracking. Surveillance. All in real time. Our flexible, scalable and secure solutions can be applied across any number of industries and applications to improve ongoing operational efficiency while delivering a solid return on investment. Option CloudGate is the complete M2M solution platform that provides connectivity, security and processing power for global applications, with a comprehensive set of provisioning and development tools to deliver ease of deployment and maximum flexibility. Imagine the possibilities. Remote diagnosis and troubleshooting to prevent downtime. Remote monitoring to ensure ongoing service calls are only made when they're needed. Whatever the application, Option can provide the gateway that connects your machines to the cloud. Cloudgate, smart wireless M2M solutions.
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Email: p.willekens@option.com
Website: http://www.option.com/
Linkedin: https://be.linkedin.com/in/patrick-willekens-5696461
Birthdate: 0000-00-00
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Rating: 1.5

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