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Research Institute: PK ELECTRONICS
Description: verdeler van industriële VPN oplossingen beveiliging van koppelingen van industriële systemen communicatie op basis van TOSIBOX https://www.tosibox.com/contact-us/distributors/#belgium TOSIBOX® TOSIBOX® creates a fully secure connection between devices. It only takes five minutes to deploy, and anyone can do it. TOSIBOX® is a masterpiece of Finnish engineering, a patented innovation, a solution that lets you forget about data security and connections. With it you will save time and money, and be able to concentrate on what’s important – your business. TOSIBOX® delivers high-level security. It employs PKI using RSA and multi-factor authentication coupled with TLS, Blowfish and AES encryption standards, so you can rest assured that access to your data and networks remains private and secure. TOSIBOX® also offers an additional layer of security by acting as a firewall in most implementations. The technology does not require third party interaction (cloud).
Street + Number: Molenweg 94
Postalcode + city: 2830 Willebroek
Country: Belgium
Office Phone: 32 3 600 7935
Email Address:
Website: https://www.tosibox.com/contact-us/distributors/#belgium
Science Department:
Group Research Institute:
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ICT security industry:
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