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3IF IoT Conference 2019 2

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With visions from process and discrete manufacturing; with perspectives for automotive, pharma, petrochemical, food processing, machine makers, and many other industries; with innovative industry 4.0 technologies in the domains of analytics, iiot, big data, condition based maintenance, innovative PLM & MES and nothing but use cases; the 6th 3IF.eu conference promises to be yet another event not to miss. Especially now we’ve combined our strengths with our partners from www.iot-convention.be – BoI, we integrate smart with IoT for business and in smarter cities.

Meet with more than 30 industry partners from Belgium and abroad and get inspired by meeting your peers and new insights. Claim your discounted entry Ticket here!


Some highlights :

  • Carl Van Laer, Janssen Pharmaceutica : how active monitoring in the production process becomes key to the quality of the production and quality of the product. The autoclaves at Janssen Pharmaceutica, a global leader in the pharma industry and a Belgian Factory of the Future. In the pharmaceutical, chemical and other sectors autoclaves are being used as pressure chambers during the production process. The sterilization of equipment is important to avoid any contamination of the cell cultures. Equipment is expensive and the good functioning of the sterilization autoclaves is crucial to assure the availability of sterilized tools. At the 3IF.eu 2019 conference Carl van Laer of Janssen Pharmaceutica can demonstrate how machine learning tools assist the Leiden site to have a continuous supply of equipment thereby avoiding downtime and interruptions in the supply chain. Take the unique opportunity to hear and meet with Carl van Laer from the Belgian Factory of the Future Janssen. As Global Product Line Leader for historians at Janssen Mr Van Laer supports the 3 sectors of Johnson&Johnson (Janssen, Medical Device and Consumer) in different IoT initiatives worldwide. His presentation will inspire other production companies both small, medium and large to apply modern production technologies, highlighting potential benefits, and sharing best practices.

  • Johan Dekeyzer, Dekeyzer-Ossaer : The food sector, more in particular meat processing industry is expected to serve a top quality, traceable and in many cases customised product, with excellent sourcing and just-in time distribution mechanics. The Flemish Medium sized production company Dekeyzer-Ossaer has been setting the standard, by being one of the first food companies awarded the Factory of the Future award, by its innovative approach to new technologies and by its high quality products and services to its customers. Both process and discrete manufacturing companies can be inspired from the vision, approaches and down-to-earth and hard working Flemish entrepreneur Johan Dekeyzer. Thanks to the support of Flanders Food.

  • Stein Myrseth, ForgeRock in Toyota : In automotive the vehicle itself will evolve into becoming a fully IoT ecosystem on its own. A cryptographically trusted digital identity of the "vehicle" will be used to authenticate and authorize against various cloud services in addition to telematics data. Vehicle owners and drivers will be authenticated and authorized based on trusted relations and their roles between the vehicle and the users. The driver’s preferences and service subscriptions like Spotify etc. will be activated in the vehicle and will follow the driver not the car. The driver gives his consent to share selected parts of the vehicle telematics to his insurance company but can easily withdraw it at any time. Establishing the strong relation between human identities and IoT asset identities need both to be based on a “root of trust”. Next generation IoT services is beyond data only. Some examples from Toyota and other car manufacturers, and how this aligns with our engagement with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

If you want to meet with some of the speakers in a private setting, please contact us and we’ll get you a special invitation for a related event.

Practical Details & Registration

3IF Industry 4.0 Conference & Internet of Things Convention
June 19, Lamot Conference Center, Mechelen
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