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2016-09-15/16 : Factories of the Future Conference 2016

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Factories of The Future Conference 2016

On 15 and 16 September leading industrial and research experts will gather in Brussels for a major conference on the future of manufacturing in Europe - 'Factories of the Future Conference 2016: Materialising Factories 4.0'.

Factories of the Future Conference 2016: Materialising Factories 4.0 will bring together Europe’s leading experts in industrial research and innovation to debate major priorities for the future of manufacturing in Europe.

The conference is dedicated to the transformation of manufacturing across Europe. It will showcase the achievements of research and innovation projects that are revolutionising manufacturing in Europe under the EU’s €1.15 billion ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership.

Objectives / About the Organizer
The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) is a non-for-profit, industry-driven association promoting the development of new and innovative production technologies. It is the official representative of the private side in the 'Factories of the Future' public-private partnership. EFFRA was established jointly by the MANUFUTURE technology platform and key industrial associations to shape, promote and support the implementation of the ‘Factories of the Future’ public-private partnership. The key objective of EFFRA is to promote pre-competitive research on production technologies within the European Research Area by engaging in a public-private partnership with the European Union called 'Factories of the Future'. The partnership aims to bring together private and public resources to create an industry-led programme in research and innovation with the aim of launching hundreds of market-oriented cross-border projects throughout the European Union. Such projects will produce demonstrators and models to be applied in a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

Conference Themes
•Digital Technologies & the Factory Floor
•Energy & Material Efficiency
•Digital Technologies & Networked Factories
•Human-Centred Manufacturing
•Data Security, Liability & Integrity in Connected Factories
•Product Life-Cycle Management & Business Models in a Product-Service Economy
•Lightweight Components & High Precision Manufacturing
•High-Performance Computing & Simulation
•Additive Manufacturing & Advanced Joining Technologies
•Next Generation Robotics & Mechatronics in Manufacturing

The FoF-Pitch
Factories of the Future Conference 2016 includes two pitching sessions. In these sessions participants in 'Factories of the Future' projects will have the opportunity to present briefly their results to potential business and innovation partners

3IF & LSEC @ The Conference
The future of manufacturing is a future of connected factories dependent on real-time data generation, analysis and storage. As soon as this involves cross-factory data exchange new challenges occur in terms of security, liability and integrity. Ulrich Seldeslachts, Managing Director from 3IF and CEO from LSEC, has been invited to deliver a presentation on Day 2 about Data Security, Liability & Integrity in Connected Factories.

For more information about the conference, and to register you may visit the event page

2016-05-25 : 3IF Annual Conference 2016, supported by Agoria : Internet of Things & Digital Transformation for Industry (2)

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Want to attend the 2017 Edition of the Conference in Brussels?
Registration has opened, confirm your participation here

Review of the 2016 Conference (Credits to Valentijn de Leeuw from ARC)

The review of the 2016 Conference below was published on Industrial IoT/Industrie 4.0 Viewpoints web log, with credits to Valentijn de Leeuw:

"The first annual conference by AGORIA and 3IF was held in Brussels on May 25 - 2016, with the intent to inspire Flemish industry to innovate through digitalization and industrial IoT (IIoT). The conference was composed of presentations covering a broad range of aspects, from high level to fairly detailed, alternated with very well facilitated panel discussions.


Ulrich Seldeslachts of 3IF kicked off the conference introducing the 3IF project; a government – supported initiative that helps manufacturers and their suppliers benefit from Industrial Internet, IIoT and Industrie 4.0 developments; and support the competitiveness of the Industry as a whole. The initiative is led by two non-profit associations: Sirris (representing the manufacturing industry in Belgium) and LSEC(representing technology providers, integrators and the cyber security industry, also required for faster adoption of innovations securely)


Ulrich Seldeslachts, Managing Director of 3IF and CEO of LSEC

Industrie 3.0 is not over

The author presented ARC’s view on Industrial IoT, and broadened the subject to other smart manufacturing aspects that can be combined with IIoT and other IT-based technologies to innovate and grow. Bart Demaeght of Siemens and Wesley Vandewalle of GE Predix provided their visions and explained their product and service portfolio’s. Piet Verhoeven of iMINDS explained how the research projects with participation of (minimum three) Flemish Industrial partners and Flemish universities create substantial revenue growth and jobs as a result of innovation projects. The following discussion covered amongst others how SME’s can go about selecting innovation projects, the fact that industrie 4.0 (and IIoT) has started to be implemented, but that their is still potential to implement « Industrie 3.0 » solutions. Connected products and producing individualized at mass production cost

Valentijn Siemens Sirris

Piet Verhoeven from iMinds, Valentijn de Leeuw from ARC, Bart Demaegdt from Siemens and Wesley Vandewalle from GE

The second presentation cycle was kicked of by Oliver Krause of Arthur D Little who showed results of a study indicating that digital innovators are likely to double their EBIT while digital laggards are likely to have stagnating EBIT. Dr. Krause shared the concept by Porter and Hempelmann, that connected products change business models, and lead to new supply eco-systems and disruption. Dr. Krause gave a list of success factors for major change initiatives, including the participation of the workforce during change projects, starting in the initial investigation stages, which is worthwhile to review for innovative and transforming companies. Marcel Laes of CimPro gave very insightful overview of creating visibility and creating sustainable improvement in utility management in SME’s and larger corporations in Belgium and The Netherlands. Mark Blekkink of Movilitas indicated how standards based modeling of industrial operations creates MES solutions, that remain agile and adaptable to changes in corporations, while interoperable with ERP systems. He presented a Cloud-based MES solution, an emerging trend. Presentations were concluded by Egbert-Jan Sol of TNO in the Netherlands, who gave an overview of Smart Industry and the associated Field Labs. He explained how BlockChain can help reducing the administrative cost of individualized production, thereby enabling individualized production at mass production cost, if combined with standardized PLM applications linked to production execution. Interestingly he noted that proximity of partners and executives in local Field Labs, creates dynamics that virtual collaboration could not have created. This ties back to the insight that the human factor remains a critical component in collaboration and innovation. In the following discussion, also Chris Decubber of EFFRA, The European Factory of the Future Association, and Wim Van der Borght of Reynaers Aluminium participated. Reynaert confirmed TNO’s thesis that experimentation can lead to new and successful company strategies, and EFFRA supported ARC’s view that broadening IIoT with Advanced Manufacturing creates potentially additional benefits.


Chris Decubber from EFFRA, Marc Blekkink from Movilitas, Wim Van der Borght from Reynaers Aluminium, Dr. Oliver Krause, from Arthur D. Little, Egbert Jan Sol from Smart Industry Netherlands and Marcel Laes from Cimpro

Following a good Belgian tradition, the meeting was closed by networking facilitated by a drink."

It is worthwhile noting that 3IF has published the presentations of the day on-line (*), that Arthur D Little provides studies and insights on their website, and that Movilitas has published a free downloadable downloadable e-book on its lean manufacturing execution system framework. Information by ARC is available at www.arcweb.com and our blog sites: www.industrial-iot.com, www.automation2.com and www.logisticsviewpoints.com.

Agenda of the Day & Presentations for Download:

• 09.45: 3IF: pdf An Innovation Action to support Industry in their transition to Industrial Internet (2.78 MB) , Ulrich Seldeslachts - Managing Director 3IF (15’)
• 10.00: Keynote1: pdf Reaping Operational Gains From Smart Manufacturing and Industrial IoT (18.62 MB) - Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President at ARC Advisory Group (45’)
• 10.45: Tech1: pdf Bart Demaegdt, Driving the Digital Enterprise (19.57 MB) - Siemens (30’): SIEMENS path to Industrie 4.0: Customer cases
• 11.15: Tech2: pdf GE Digital Internet of Things (1.74 MB)   - Wesley Vandewalle from GE (30’)
• 11.45: Tech3: pdf Digital Research that Matters (1.17 MB) -  iMinds: Piet Verhoeve, Director ICON program, IIC & I40 (tbc) 

• 12.15: Panel discussion with keynote speakers + TECH experts, moderated by Ulrich Seldeslachts
o iMinds
o i40
o Valentijn de Leeuw, ARC
o Bart Demaegdt, Siemens
o Wesley Vandewalle, GE

• 14.00: Keynote 2: pdf Digital Transformation for Manufacturing Industries: where do real opportunties lie & how to transform (2.60 MB) , Dr. Oliver Krause, Associate Director at Arthur D. Little
• 14.45: MES & Industry 4.0: pdf Smart Industry, with both feet on the ground (1.10 MB) - Marcel Laes, Cimpro - Smart Industry, with both feet on the ground
• 15.15: pdf ERP & Industry 4.0: ERP & Industry 4.0 (2.05 MB) - Marc Blekkink, Managing Partner at Movilitas
• 16.15: pdf Smart Industry, the Dutch version of the 4th Industrial Revolution (6.58 MB) - Egbert- Jan Sol, Director of Smart Industry Netherlands, TNO

• 16.45: Panel discussion:
o Dr. Oliver Krause, Arthur D. Little
o Reynaers Aluminium (tbc)
o Egbert- Jan Sol, Smart Factory NL
o Chris DECUBBER, Technical Director at the European Factories of the Future Research Association (Effra)
o Marcel Laes, Owner at Cimpro
o Dieter Laevers, Managing Partner at Movilitas


Valentijn ARCweb3

Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President at ARC Advisory Group
Valentijn has extensive experience in best management practices in process industries. These include chemical, polymer, metals, energy, utilities, food, pharmaceutical and petroleum manufacturing. Experience includes knowledge of unit processes, simulation and modeling and business practices utilizing application software designed for manufacturing operations. Experience in aligning organizations, strategy, business processes and technical architectures. At ARC, responsibilities include research and consulting in process industries. Technology focus is on manufacturing operations management, performance management, knowledge management and the role of the knowledge worker in manufacturing. Valentijn is focal point for the ARC Benchmarking Consortium in EMEA. Valentijn holds a PhD of technical sciences from Delft University of Technology (NL) in cooperation with Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Paris and IFP and also holds a Masters in Chemistry from Utrecht State University located in The Netherlands. Valentijn acts as independent expert-evaluator of research projects for the European Commission in the Information Technologies and Communication, and Social Sustainability in Manufacturing domains

Oliver Krause3

Dr. Oliver Krause, Associate Director at Arthur D. Little
Arthur D. Little has been at the forefront of innovation since 1886. It is an acknowledged thought leader in linking strategy, innovation and transformation in technology-intensive and converging industries. Dr. Oliver Krause is associate director at Artur D. Little, has 20+ years experience in industry transformation, across EMEA, Asia & US from consulting, line functions & startups. Oliver is a frequently asked speaker at large conferences (Hannover Messe, Smart Summit, etc).

GE Vandewalle Wesley2

Wesley Vandewalle from GE
Wesley has +15 years of operation management, contract management, project management, proposal management and general automation and software implementation experience as Automation Engineer, Validation Consultant, Project Manager, Operation Management Consultant, Commercial Proposal Director and manager of a global team of commercial managers. Wesley started his career as an automation consultant acting as validation engineer and operation management consultant with various Pharmaceutical customers. He continued his career being part of a supply chain of a food company where he was doing engineering and Operation Management consultancy across Europe to improve overall profitability and efficiency. In GE Digital Wesley is currently leading a global team of contract and bid managers, assisting sales in closing large strategic software based (both premise & cloud) opportunities and contracts. Furthermore he delivers consultancy to a variety of different industries. He holds a master degree in electrical engineering.

Chris DECUBBER, Technical Director at the European Factories of the Future Research Association (Effra)
After obtaining his master of electro-mechanical engineering at the University of Leuven, Chris got involved fairly quickly in European research, coordinating a project under the Brite-Euram III programme of FP4, back in 1994. Now Chris is Technical Director at EFFRA, where he is in charge of the FoF 2020 roadmap and the project portfolio management of the FoF PPP. Chris also coordinates the development of an exploitation toolkit for the FoF PPP.

foto ulirch

Ulrich Seldeslachts - Managing Director 3IF
Ulrich is executive director of LSEC, a not for profit industry association focused on Information Security in Europe, based in Belgium and with operations in the Netherlands, UK and Germany. LSEC runs the 3IF.be digital transformation for manufacturing companies platform, supporting some 50+ companies in successfully migrating to becoming a smarter industry. Prior to LSEC, Ulrich was responsible for the corporate development of a US-European Broadband wireless operator (Sprint-Clearwire), a broadband internet operator (Orange), a security engineering company, and many other innovative projects. Ulrich holds a BA in Communication Sciences, postgraduates in Computer Sciences and Economics and an MBA from LBS. Within LSEC, Ulrich supports a team of 13 experienced professionals supporting the development of it security in Europe, and paving the way for a more secure industrial internet.

Bart Demaegdt Siemens3

Bart Demaegdt, Technology Manager DCS/MES at SIEMENS

Bart has entered the industrial automation arena 20 years ago. He's profile started as automation consultant towards solution architect towards DCS/MES Technology Responsible. Since SIEMENS has been working on his Digital Enterprise vision since 2001, it's capable of helping customer in achieving their Digital Transformation. Bart has also coordinating role in the Digitalization Teams which exit for Process Industry and for Process Industry

Marcel Laes Cimpro

Marcel Laes, Owner at Cimpro
Marcel Laes is co-founder of CimPro. Marcel has over 30 years experience in the world of industrial automation and infrastructure.


Marc Blekkink, General Manager Movilitas
Marc Blekkink is managing partner at Movilitas; an entrepreneur with a keen interest in the automation of business processes within the manufacturing and processing world. Marc has a chemical engineering, combined with a trainee-ship at General Electric Plastics (GEP); and successfully started and expanded several companies in the field of production automation and vertical integration.

Piet Verhoeve Director ICON program at iMinds

Piet Verhoeve, Director ICON program at iMinds
Piet Verhoeve has a Master of Science in Electrical Mechanical Engineering from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (1991) and a PhD in Electronic Engineering from the Gent University Belgium (1998). In April 2013 he joined iMinds to lead the ICON program which focuses on interdisciplinary research collaboration between academic & industry organisations. Since 2011, Piet Verhoeve is also a guest professor at the Multimedia Lab Research Group of the ELIS (Electronics & Information systems) department, based in the Faculty of Applied Engineering at the University of Gent. He is Sr.member IEEE and (co)author of several publications and patent applications.

Egbert-Jan Sol, Director of Smart Industry Netherlands and CTO of TNO 
Egbert- Jan is CTO at TNO Industry, and currently assign to run the 4th Industrial Revolution Smart Industry  action program of the Netherlands, not named Industrie 4.0 NL, but Smart Industry because not hightech, but changing business model are of prime concern. Within this program the focus is on high-TRL programs as implemented by means of the Smart Industry fieldlabs. Egbert- Jan is also vice chairman of the EFFRA factory of future public private partnership research association. Prior to this, Egbert- Jan was Managing director for the TNO High Tech Systems and Materials program (70M turn over per year).


Wim Van der Borght, Reynaers Aluminium
Wim Van der Borght is Product Manager Process Automation at Reynaers Aluminium; a leading European specialist in the development and marketing of innovative and sustainable aluminium solutions for windows, doors, curtain walling, sliding systems, sunscreening and conservatories. Research, product development and testing are conducted at the Reynaers Institute, the sector’s largest private innovation and testing centre, located in Duffel (Belgium). In addition, the company also provides extensive technical support and advice to fabricators, contractors and architects. 

Meet you at the 2017 Conference:

3IF & AGORIA Conference 2017
Tuesday 23 May, Brussels
Participation to this event is free of charge upon prior registration. To confirm your participation click here

2016-05-10: Cyber Security voor machinebouw en productie




Cyber Security voor machinebouw en productie
Ambt van Nijkerk (Nijkerk, Nederland) op dinsdag 10 mei 2016 van 13.30 uur tot 17.00 uur

Binnen de 3IF Stuurgroep van productiebedrijven en toeleveranciers komen naast de kansen van Industrie 4.0 ook veelal de gekoppelde behoefte aan Cyber Security nadrukkelijk aan de orde. Deze zelfde behoefte is gesignaleerd bij een van de partners van 3IF, de Nederlandse Federatie van Technologiebranches (FHI).

Voor die concrete behoefte slaan FHI en 3IF de handen in een, en wordt een extra Cyber Security bijeenkomst georganiseerd. Het programma wordt samen met LSEC, zie https://www.leadersinsecurity.org/, opgezet. Deze bijeenkomst is bedoeld voor machinebouwers, productiebedrijven en leveranciers. Er worden circa 50 personen verwacht bij deze bijeenkomst.


13.30 ontvangst Ambt van Nijkerk

14.00 uur - 14.45 uur Dieter Sarrazyn, Toreon
Ervaringen van Cyber Security en ICT beveiliging met industriële controlesystemen uit de praktijk.
Installaties van automatisering en industriële controlesystemen laten vaak te wensen over op het vlak van beveiliging. De meest fundamentele uitdagingen worden vaak over het hoofd gekeken, terwijl er hevig wordt ingezet op perimeterbescherming. Het resultaat is dat net zoals in traditionele IT systemen er weinig nodig is om een ongeluk te veroorzaken.

14.45 uur – 15.30 uur Johannes Cottyn & Tyl Deneur, Howest (tbc)
Industriële beveiliging begint bij een goed ontwerp van het automatiseringsnetwerk,
De bescherming begint bij het organiseren van de automatisatie, door voldoende rekening te houden met de verwachtingen van de beveiliging. Door enkele basisprincipes in acht te nemen in de onderneming, zowel bij leveranciers als personeel, door een aantal policies af te dwingen en gebruik te maken van moderne technieken van active defense kan het niveau van beveiliging worden opgekrikt.

15.30 – 15.45 uur Pauze

15.45 uur – 16.30 uur Ulrich Seldeslachts, CEO of LSEC & 3IF
Cyber Security voor Productiebedrijven en Machinebouwers in de 21e eeuw in Industrial Internet en Industrie 4.0
Bescherming van de huidige omgeving biedt een oplossing tegen huidige uitdagingen. Nieuwe technologieën waarbij het internet niet meer weg te denken is, dienen zich aan. Bij productiebedrijven worden volledige lijnen in een dienst genomen, as a service. Bij machinebouwers wordt het hoe langer hoe belangrijker zich te kunnen differentiëren van de concurrentie met toegevoegde waarden en diensten, door niet alleen zelf industrie 4.0 toe te passen, maar ook de klanten de mogelijkheden te bieden dit te doen.

16.30 uur – 17.00 uur Discussie en aanvullend een borrel met aanwezigen

Praktische Details & Registratie:

Cyber Security voor machinebouw en productie
Dinsdag 10 mei 2016 van 13.30 uur tot 17.00 uur
Ambt van Nijkerk, Berencamperweg 4, 3861 MC Nijkerk - Nederland
Registratie is exclusief en kosteloos voor leden van 3IF, LSEC en FHI, u kunt zich per email aanmelden via Petra Kortenoeven <petra.kortenoeven@fhi.nl>

2016-10-06: Transformatieworkshop 3: Bouwen van een Proof of Concept voor Internet of Things


Internet of Things (IoT) wordt mogelijk gemaakt door draadloze communicatie, door ‘intelligent agents’ als Arduino of RFID en natuurlijk door het internet. Met Internet of Things kunnen meerdere onderdelen van een fabriek draadloos worden aangesloten op een netwerk. Producerende machines, machineonderdelen, producten, halffabricaten communiceren met andere ‘dingen’ die een rol spelen in het productieproces, onderhoudsproces of gebruiksproces. Oftewel, alles kan met alles communiceren real-time en draadloos over allerlei relevante onderwerpen, zonder rekening te hoeven houden met organisatiegrenzen en zonder tussenkomst van mensen. En deze informatie-uitwisseling wordt in een rap tempo intelligenter.

Niets voor uw organisatie? U bent al begonnen!
Internet of Things moet zeker niet gezien worden als een domein enkel relevant voor grote fabrikanten. Er zijn vele aspecten binnen de dagelijkse activiteiten van de typische KMO, die gereed zijn voor het type verbeteringen en die tastbare voordelen bieden met een snelle return on investment. IoT is ook eigenlijk niet meer een logische uitbreiding van ontwikkelingen die al jarenlang aan de gang zijn in de maakindustrie. Er vindt al langer machine-to-machine informatie-uitwisseling plaats. En statistische procescontrole leunt al zwaar op ‘big data’ vanuit PLC/SCADA en vanuit de MES systemen voor productievloer automatisering.

Workshop: Bouwen van een Proof of Concept voor IoT Innovatie binnen uw bedrijf
In eerdere seminars hebben we u kennis laten maken met het concept van digitale transformatie en Internet of Things voor de maakindustrie. In deze workshop gaan we een stapje verder: We zullen u introduceren met het Internet of Things en meer specifiek met de toepassing binnen uw organisatie. De workshop levert u praktische inzichten en een aanpak om een kosten-efficiënte start te maken en een proof of concept uit te werken voor uw bedrijf. De workshop is zeer praktijkgericht. Ze voorziet in een case van een fabriek die haar eerste stappen wil zetten, en demonstreert een aantal van de populaire beschikbare open source technologieën die beschikbaar zijn.

Doelgroep en voorkennis:
De doelgroep voor deze workshop zijn zaakvoerders, productiemanagers en Innovatie Managers, op zoek naar een verdieping van het concept IoT binnen de maakindustrie; en / of willen weten hoe best een eerste Proof of Concept op te zetten binnen hun organisatie. Er is geen diepgaande ontwikkelkennis vereist, wel affiniteit met ICT binnen productieomgevingen. Er is ook een technische (hands on) training beschikbaar voor daadwerkelijke implementatie. Deze wordt later dit jaar georganiseerd. Wil u meer informatie over deze training (of deze eventueel bij u op locatie organiseren), neem dan gerust contact met ons op

-Overzicht van het Internet-of-Things & welke technologieën IoT mogelijk maken
-Wat is Smart Factory: Visie, doelen, huidige status en voorbeelden
-Break out sessie / Case: Innoveren van een manufactuur
-Innoveren voor de toekomst, maar in de dagelijkse hectiek: Strategisch Innovatie Methodologie
-Definiëren, bouwen en evalueren van een Proof of Concept
-Overzicht van open technologieën ter ondersteuning van Proof of Concept ontwikkeling
-Live demonstratie van de meest populaire open technologieën.


Presentaties :

Introduction IoT by Sven Beaprez, IoT.be 

Industrial IoT by Alain Vermeiren, IoT.be

IoT in Practice for industrial applications, Frederic Vannieuwenborg, Aptus.


Datum & Locatie:
Donderdag 6 oktober van 12.30 – 16.00 uur, KU Leuven

Deelname aan het evenement is kosteloos bij registratie vooraf via de inschrijfpagina van het evenement.

2016-04-06 - 07 : Smart Summit Industrial Internet Frankfurt



Part of the Smart Summit Frankfurt, Industrial Internet Summit 2016 part if the 6th - 7th April 2016, the Future of the Smart Enterprise.

The Industrial Internet Summit Germany 2016, will be exploring the opportunities and innovations that technology is bringing to the home. With extensive analysis of the Industrial Internet landscape, and in-depth focus on the drivers, hurdles and opportunities for different stakeholders within the ecosystem.

Participate for free, by registering at : http://www.smartsummit.net/frankfurt/industrial-internet-summit.html


Program: Day 1, April 6th 

1045 – 1110 Collaboration and Partnership to Transform Lives and Economies

Rolf Riemenschneider, Head of Sector Internet of Things, European Commission
1120 - 1200 Panel Discussion: Getting Past the Hype – Where Can Money be Made from the Industry of Things?

Panel Moderator: Laurenz Kirchner, Partner, mm1 Consulting & Management PartG
Holger Pietzsch, Head of Marketing and IoT Solutions, Caterpillar
Gabriel Wetzel, Vice President Internet of Things & Smart City, Bosch Software Innovations
Achim Himmelreich, Vice President, BVDW
Ingo Marten, Senior Vice President Cross Industries& Market Development, T-Systems International GmbH
1210 - 1230 Where Do Real Industry of Things Opportunities Lie for Businesses?

Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little
1230 - 1400: Lunch

1400 - 14.20 Breaking the Silos – Building a Comprehensive Ecoystem for IoT

Juergen Sturm, Member of the Board, AIOTI
1430 – 1510 Panel Discussion: Are Organisations Handling and Analysing Data Effectively?

Panel Moderator: Knud Lasse Leuth, CEO, IoT Analytics GmbH
Ralf Hagen, Engineering Manager, Nestle
Lasse Eriksson, VP Digitalisation, Cargotec
Rahman Jawal, Global Technology and Marketing Manager, National Instruments
1510 – 1530 Networking break

1530 – 1550 IoT in Agriculture – New Business Models

John McCurdy, Business Innovation Director, Richard Keenan & Co
1600 – 1620 The Internet of Wind as Enabler for Progressive Asset Management

Thomas Pump, Head of Asset Information Systems, E.ON Climate & Renewables
1630 – 1650: From Reactive to Proactive Customer Service with Remote Monitoring

Frank Bunge, Global Director After Sales Service, Leica Microsystems
1650 - 1730: Industry of things Unplugged - Discussion and Debate on audience-chosen subjects : How to Scale up Industrie 4.0


Program Day 2, April 7th 


0910 – 0930 Industrie 4.0 for Brownfield

Ralf Hagen, Engineering Manager, Nestle
0940 – 1000 The Value of Standards in the IIOT

Andrew Watson, Technical Director, Object Management Group
1010 – 1030 Advancing Machine Learning Technology

Klaus Bauer, Head of Technology Development, Trumpf
1040 – 1100 Why TSN is So Important for the Industrial Internet?

Heinrich Munz, Lead Architect Industry 4.0, KUKA Robotics
1100 – 1120 Networking Break

1120 – 1140 From IOT Cloud to Cortex: Emerging AI & Predictive Services

Dennis Curry, Senior Director, Business Innovation and R&D, Konica Minolta
1150 – 1220 Panel Discussion: New Economics and Game-Changing Opportunities

Panel Moderator: Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little
Uwe Kubach, Chief Evangelist Internet of Things I Digital Assets and IoT | Products and Innovation, SAP
Stephan Altmann, Strategic Innovation Management, BASF
Thomas Werft , IOT Specialist, Continental
1230 – 1250 Re-Thinking How to Deliver Value

Juha Pankakoski, Chief Digital Officer, Konecranes Plc
1250 - 1400 Lunch

Juha Pankakoski, Chief Digital Officer, Konecranes
1400 – 1440 Panel Discussion: Changing Old-School Industries to New Service Industries

Panel Moderator: Phillip Pexton, Senior Analyst, M2M - The Internet of Things – Security, Beecham Research
Sebastian Greiss , Specialist Innovation and Technology, Knorr-Bremse
Gus Desbarats, Founder, The Alloy
Joerg Liebe, CIO, Lufthansa Systems
Farnoush Pourebrahim, Senior Consultant, Namics Deutschland GmbH
Oliver Krause, Associate Director, Arthur D Little
1450 – 1510 From Things to Value: IoT, Analytics and Machine Learning in the Cloud

Constantin Gonzalez, Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Germany GmbH
1520 – 1540 Reference Architecture Model Industrie 4.0 (RAMI 4.0)

Thomas Schulz, Channel Manager Central and Eastern Europe, GE Digital and Member of the Working Group Reference Architecture and Standardisation, German Platform Industrie 4.0
1550 – 1610 Developing Open Shared Standards

Stefan Hoppe, Vice President, OPC Foundation
1610 – 1640 Industry of Things Open Mike – Questions to the Chair and Audience

Stefan Hoppe, OPC Foundation


For more information, please visit :