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3if.eu continuing to support digital transformation over webinars

From April 2020, we'll restart our webinars by bringing bi-weekly insights in activities on digital transformation and the impact on the manufacturing world. 

From April 14th onwards, the LSEC & 3if.eu N-IAS webinars bring insights in the developments of industrial cybersecurity, from May we bring digitalisation insights for manufacturing. 


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Please register here to participate to one or multiple of the planned webinars.


Previous 3if.eu and 3if.be webinars

The 3if.eu webinars have been conceived to work towards our annual 3if.eu conference, normally taking place June 10th, but due to the current new normal, supporting our community with additional webinars

Please register here to participate to one or multiple of the planned 3if.eu webinars.


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Registrations : Industrial Automation Security & Industrial Control Security continued : *


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The N-IAS Series are part of the LSEC CyberSecurity Experts from Home Webinar activities have been created to support our Cybersecurity communities of experts and our manufacturing, operators of essential services such as transport, healthcare and logistics, and other industrial relations specifically to learn about ongoing evolutions of challenges to protect our connected manufacturing systems, industrial control systems and industrial automation. The scheduled annual N-IAS event has been transposed into & series of Webinars continuing on a weekly basis.