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The half day assessment is intended to provide a Digital Transformation plan after half a day of debate and discussion with peer management teams, discussing on business, technology, people and future vision.The discussion is followed by a customized report guiding the organization to next steps and developments for its innovations


IIoT Fieldlab

Condition Based Maintenance and resulting Preventative maintenance are ways to further optimize cost, reduce failures and optimize production for production companies. It usually is high impact on the bottom line results, but not always as impactful on the operations. This makes CBM an interesting use case for proof of concept of digital transformation. It can include both the use of IoT, sensors, data communication and transformation of data, but equally on how and where to integrate it in the cloud and what type of processing would be expected in order to capture data for analytics and AI purpose. The use of the demonstrator allows for multiple people to be engaged in a first level (both higher management and executive levels 

Industrie 4.0 Training cycle

3x 2 day courses on Industrie 4.0 and digital transformation for manufacturing and industry at large

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3IF.be investigates and operates multiple I(I)oT devices and has devIoeloped a methodology and framework for hgh level analysis, indicating multiple choices and decision making components. This guide is helping out on vender selection and expert guidance for Industrial IoT devices and Edge Computing.