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News & Background

IoT alliantie tussen Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) en IIC

Op 27 mei lanceerden Open Interconnect Consortium (OIC) en het Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) een oproep tot meer samenwerking om interoperatibility mogelijk te maken om tot een succesvol Internet of Things te komen. Een samenwerkingsafspraak kwam tot stand om informatie uit te wisselen tussen use case en architectuur vereisten vanuit het perspectief van de industrie, met een focus op de uitvoering en de resultaten publiceren in een open source model (IoTivity). In een poging om een meer gestroomlijn model te hebben en de use-cases in de mogelijkheden te brengen. 

Met de ontwikkeling en groei van IoT technologieën zijn clustering en samenwerking noodzakelijk. Maar er moet ook verder dan Open Source worden gegaan door OpenStand Principles te gebruiken in op die manier een open toekomst en open standaarden ter ondersteuning van IoT te krijgen. OIC met meer dan 50 leden waaronder Dell, HP, Siemens, en Honeywell, en het IIC met 141 leden bedrijven verspreid in meer dan 20 landen zijn representatief om invloed uit te oefenen op de wereldwijde innovatie en toepassingspotentieel.

Meer informatie : 




2020-10-20 : ConnectedFactories Webinar

ConnectedFactories Webinar - Standards for digital manufacturing

Continuing the 3if.eu teamwork with partners from NL, DE, UK, AT, GR, CZ, HR, FI, IE, ...

We invite you all to attends this webinar organized by ConnectedFactories:

ConnectedFactories webinar


Register here

The webinar on Standards for digital manufacturing is organized in association with the ConnectedFactories Coordination and Support Action on Tuesday 20 October 2020 from 9:30 to 12:30 CEST .

The Webinar will focus on use cases and best practices that illustrate how standards are used in research & innovation on digital manufacturing. Special attention will be dedicated to the added value as well as gaps and needs.

Please find the agenda here and the registration link here



2020-04-01 : Revitalising Webinars by 3if.eu


3if.eu continuing to support digital transformation over webinars

From April 2020, we'll restart our webinars by bringing bi-weekly insights in activities on digital transformation and the impact on the manufacturing world. 

From April 14th onwards, the LSEC & 3if.eu N-IAS webinars bring insights in the developments of industrial cybersecurity, from May we bring digitalisation insights for manufacturing. 


3if Webinars ForgeRock Gerhard 20200624 copy

Please register here to participate to one or multiple of the planned webinars.


Previous 3if.eu and 3if.be webinars

The 3if.eu webinars have been conceived to work towards our annual 3if.eu conference, normally taking place June 10th, but due to the current new normal, supporting our community with additional webinars

Please register here to participate to one or multiple of the planned 3if.eu webinars.


3if Webinars WCM PaulVanKempent 20200610




3if Webinars MS Industrial 20200603



Registrations : Industrial Automation Security & Industrial Control Security continued : *


THEME page banner N IAS 

The N-IAS Series are part of the LSEC CyberSecurity Experts from Home Webinar activities have been created to support our Cybersecurity communities of experts and our manufacturing, operators of essential services such as transport, healthcare and logistics, and other industrial relations specifically to learn about ongoing evolutions of challenges to protect our connected manufacturing systems, industrial control systems and industrial automation. The scheduled annual N-IAS event has been transposed into & series of Webinars continuing on a weekly basis. 



2020-01-31 : Kicking off Connected Factories 2


3if.eu teaming up with NL, DE, UK, AT, GR, CZ, HR, FI, IE, ...

After being able to contribute to Connected Factories 1 under the leadership of EFFRA and VTT, 3if.eu is again participating to see how European manufacturing digitalisation activities are developing across Europe and how we can learn from experiences in use cases, best practices, methods, standard in development and technologies being developed. 

The ConnectedFactories 1 project has produced the baseline versions of three pathways to the digitalisation of manufacturing:

  • 'Autonomous Smart Factories'
  • 'Hyperconnected Factories'
  • 'Collaborative Product-Service Factories’

See https://www.connectedfactories.eu/pathways-digitalisation-manufacturing

ConnectedFactories 1 created insights into important cross-cutting factors and key enablers

See https://www.connectedfactories.eu/cross-cutting-factors

ConnectedFactories 1 associated projects and project results and demonstrators to the pathways and the cross-cutting factors. 

See https://www.connectedfactories.eu/connectedfactories-information-sharing-and-analysis

Download this brochure and share it with others:

The ConnectedFactories 2 project (started on 1 December 2019) focuses on:

  1. Creating a common understanding of key enablers and cross-cutting factors for the development and deployment of digital technologies and digital platforms for manufacturing
  2. Deepening pathways by taking into account legacy systems, industrial requirements and challenges
  3. Situating inspiring research and industrial state-of-the-art cases, key enablers and cross-cutting factors along these pathways
  4. Matching of skills transfer offering with skills demand across Europe
  5. Engaging with the research and industrial actors in both European and local fora or ecosystems, bringing together manufacturing companies, technology and component suppliers, etc.
  6. Creating a broad awareness about the pathways, key enablers and cross-cutting factors, and about inspiring cases for SMEs
  7. Stimulating visibility and impact of Digital Platform projects (see also https://www.connectedfactories.eu/origin-project-outreach-and-impact)

2019-11-20 : TRINITY Open Call


Up to €300.000 equity free funding for SME's

TRINITY DIH provides up to €300,000 equity free funding for SME use case demonstrators. A minimum of 30 demonstrators will be funded. Open call 1 is now open until March 13th 2020.


SME led consortia of 1-3 partners SMEs and slightly bigger companies.


Up to €300,000 funding per demonstration Support from TRINITY.


Demonstrating own idea or testing TRINITY demonstrators,

6-12 month demonstration.



Call closes March 13th 2020,

Funded projects expected to start by June 2020.

TRINITY Open Call in a Nutshell

You can find some of the call related documents here open-call documents.

The initial TRINITY demonstrators will serve as reference implementation for two rounds of open calls for proposals, where companies with agile production needs and sound business plans will be supported (financially and technically) by TRINITY to carry out experiments in industrial environments.

Calls will be open for three months after their publication and each demonstrator can get up to €300,000 in funding. First call is estimated to open in November 2019.

If you want to participate in a project proposal, your organisation needs to be registered and have a 9-digit Participant Identication Code (PIC). Register your organisation PIC number here.

TRINITY open calls will be handled using the F6S platform. If you plan to apply for TRINITY funding, you can already register to F6S platform. Follow TRINITY on F6S platform

F6S is home to over a million tech founders, 800k startups and more than 10,000 startup programs globally. F6S delivers founders growth through startup programs, opportunities to drive traction, grants and services.

Learn more about the Open Call in TRINITY webinar! Or check the FAQ section.

2019-06-08 : Announcing FactorySense - 3IF.eu in collaboration with Versasense and Factorythings - Optimistik

Industrie 4.0 IIoT Sensoring & Business Dashboard

Small & Medium Sized Factories Demonstrator & Pilot

FactorySense is joining the best of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors in combination with a business intelligence platform to fast forward enabling of Industrie 4.0 on the basis of big data and analytics in a cost sensitive way. FactorySense is a project that aims to enable Small and Medium Sized Factories with a package of best practices, technologies and tools to improve their day to day operational business activities, by electronically providing insights on and over the production floor, on the business processes and overall operations as a means to further improve their efficiency and effectiveness.

 versasensors  factorythings

By integrating Versasense (BE) IoT sensor kits  (https://www.versasense.com/) to the Factorythings – Optimistik (FR) (http://www.optimistik.fr/) platform, this project aims to further lower the barriers and facilitate the management of the industrial production and provide a business interface over the industrial processes in order to better manage the production activities. It aims to demonstrate the possibilities to enhance the productivity, profitability and innovation capacities of production companies, by providing an integrated platform with the sensors and the platform that will serve the use case for condition based maintenance and validating it in a series of manufacturing companies.

About 8 out of 10 manufacturing companies have started to understand the sense of urgency in digitally transforming at least part of their operations in order to be able to reduce cost by optimizing production, supply and demand and warehousing; or to increase turnover through product innovation, reaching out to new markets and expanding in their current customer base with new services or improved existing products. But many companies are getting paralyzed by the complexity and the breadth of the digitalization challenge. They don’t fully understand all of the individual components required (big data, iot, analytics, horizontal & vertical integration, …) and they lack expertise and experience within the company to drive these interests forward. Proof of concept projects are being launched, but fail to deliver because of lack of concrete business objectives and forward looking plans.

optimistik front  optimistik mob

With FactorySense, the three expert organizations (Versasense, FactoryThings-Optimistik and 3IF.eu) bring together their core expertise and strengths to facilitate the quick uptake of basic components and providing in a platform that can grow together with the organization in a way that it supports different applications and use cases allowing for a digital transformation and Industrie 4.0. Use cases include condition based maintenance, a digital production process flow, monitoring production indicators, providing business transparency, warehouse control and improved insights in the automation process.

The FactorySense platform aims to digitally connect selected parts of the production shop floor and administrative support system of Small sized Manufacturing companies by means of a Digital Platform and Industrial IoT Sensors. It provides a digital management dashboard that presents Key Performance Indicators and other indicators supporting business decisions and operational activities. It provides a template-model Small Digital Factory using a generic Digital Transformation Plan (DTP) – Industrie 4.0 Map (I40 Map) for small manufacturing companies on the basis of existing use cases. It provides in a Digital Business Dashboard, defining key business drivers to create situational awareness, allow for specific insights (eg condition based maintenance) and support in decision making. From this platform and key insights, business decisions can be made to provide further insights, or to optimize processes and activities allowing for a more efficient production program.

FactorySense will be demonstrated in a Wood processing company in Belgium and can be further validated in 2019 with other interested trial customers. In order to support small and medium sized manufacturing companies willing to experiment, eager to digitize and ready to be innovation driver, FactorySense will be validated with at least two other production companies. They will be leading the way to the thousands of European small and medium sized factories coping with the challenge to transform to Industrie 4.0 and coping with the lack of technological expertise on the selection of IoT technologies and limited experience in management of platforms.

Is your organization interested in validating the FactorySense platform during the course of 2019, contact FactorySense for a discussion on scope and the potential business and sector impact. This project was realized thanks to the IoT4Industry.eu Innovation Support program aiming to enhance productiv ity, profitability and innovation capacities of European manufacturing SME’s by enabling them access to IoT technologies.

Package pricing includes a gateway kit with up to 10 sensors and the data platform with cloud and mobile access to the analytics tools for 2 years, starting at 600 € / month, with a minimum commitment for 1 year.

For more information, please contact FactorySense at factorysense@3if.euwww.factorysense.eu or getstarted@factorysense.eu.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 777455.

 iot4industryeuropa flag

3if logo kulapro logo  factorythingslogo  versasenselogo

2019-01-14 : TRINITY Digital Innovation Hubs for Robots - Cybersecurity for robots

Tampere, Leuven, January 14th.

LSEC - Leaders in Security, 3IF.be and Tampere University of Technology and 12 other partners launch a network of Digital Innovation Hubs supporting manufacturing SMEs becomes more competitive through robotics and digital technologies



There is a huge opportunity for manufacturers to adopt new robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and to improve productivity and competitiveness. New robotic technologies are highly flexible and cost-effective for nearly every size of company, including small and medium-sized frms (SMEs). SMEs need to embrace these technologies to maintain efciency and create jobs. A key barrier to implementation is often a lack of skills and understanding around how to best proft from these technologies.

TRINITY aims to improve the agility and innovation capability of European manufacturing companies. It aims to bring together both the research and industrial community in Europe with the objective of developing and helping all sized companies to implement and benefit from new digital and robotic technologies. 3IF.be and LSEC will perform the Cybersecurity assessments and improvements.

Action :
- stay in touch to learn more about Cybersecurity for robotics or for a cybersecutity assessment of your robotic environment : robots @ 3if.be
- get up to 300.000 € in the TRINITY Open call to be launched later in 2019 for an innovative robotic use case : trinity @ 3if.be

3IF – Industrial Internet Consortium Flanders – is an initiative by LSEC and Sirris to support the development of Industrial Internet, Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things in Belgium, especially towards the manufacturing industry. We will bring them closer to understanding the technologies for digital manufacturing, the impact on their business, and how they could make their first steps to improve flexibility, quality and cost reduction in their production process.

In order to reach these objectives TRINITY will: CREATE a sustainable network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) acting as a one-stop-shopfor companies to get access to digital and robotic technologies as well as technical and other services, such as training, funding or match-making. The network is composed of industry organisations, service providers and research institutes and universities specialised in advanced robotics, IoT and cybersecurity. This network will be extended over the life-time of the project. PROVIDE a critical mass of use cases in collaboration with industry to demonstrate novel robot technologies that can contribute to increase the agility of production processes in relevant industrial environments across different sectors. CREATE a digital access point to facilitate collaboration, networking and disseminate information and knowledge to the wider robotics research community and industry in Europe.

Trinity Pyramid 2019 02 06 05 50 32

The TRINITY network will develop use-case demonstrators in some of the most promising areas of robotics to advance agile production. These areas will include collaborative robotics as well as sensory systems to ensure safety, effective user interfaces based on augmented reality and speech, reconfgurable robot workcells and peripheral equipment (fxtures, jigs, grippers, etc.), programming by demonstration or IoT secure wireless networks.

The initial demonstrators will serve as reference implementation for two rounds of open calls for proposals, where companies with agile production needs and sound business plans will be supported (fnancially and technically) by TRINITY to carry out experiments in industrial environments. A minimum of 30 demonstrators will be implemented through the calls, which will be launched in 2020 and 2021. Calls will be open for three months after their publication and each demonstrator can get up to €300,000 in funding.

Trinity Logos 2019 02 06 05 50 32

TRINITY contact for Belgium : 3IF – Industrial Internet Consortium Flanders – is an initiative by LSEC and Sirris to support the development of Industrial Internet, Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things in Belgium, especially towards the manufacturing industry. We will bring them closer to understanding the technologies for digital manufacturing, the impact on their business, and how they could make their first steps to improve flexibility, quality and cost reduction in their production process.

Contact : robots @ 3if.be or opencall @ 3if.be - +32 16 32 8541



2019-06-19 : 3IF Annual Conference 2019 : Industrie 4.0 & Digital Transformation IoT for Industry


IoTConvention 2019 02 06 05 31 39

Voor het vijfde jaar organiseert 3IF.be de 3IF.be industrie 4.0 conferentie. Dit jaar in samenwerking met de Internet of Things convention - IoT-Convention.be op 19 juni 2019 in de LAMOT in Mechelen.

3IF.be begeleidt Belgische productiebedrijven in hun digitale transformatie naar Industrie 4.0. 3IF brengt internationale en lokale sprekers, ervaringen en expertise bij elkaar om een interessante wisselwerking te krijgen. Met vertrouwde en nieuwe spelers, gerenommeerde sprekers en geselecteerde sectoren brengen we de enige internationale Industrie 4.0 conferentie in België. 

De IoT-convention bracht de afgelopen twee jaren technologieleveranciers en gebruikers van Smart Cities, home en business appliances bij mekaar. In samenwerking met 3IF.be kan daar nu nog een industrieeel luik aan toegevoegd worden, vanuit de context van Industrie 4.0 ontwikkelingen. Niet alleen IIoT (Industrial IoT), maar ook digitaliseringstrends op het vlak van big data management,, data analytics, digitale platformen, virtual twins, AR/VR, maintenance 4.0 en andere mogelijkheden zullen aan bod komen. Zoals elk jaar wordt er wat meer belang gehecht aan de business cases en use cases dan aan de technologie op zich. We bekijken de nieuwe ontwikkelingen van digitale servitizatie, kostenbesparende mogelijkheden, gebruiken van Industrie 4.0 om aan energie-efficientie te doen en dergelijke meer.

We brengen sleutelpersonen bij eindgebruikers (industriële productiebedrijven in de discrete manufacturing en de procesindustrie) en experten bij elkaar om ze bij te staan in hun transities, en zodat ze zich kunnen informeren over ontwikkelingen in de markt, business-concepten en business models, technologische mogelijkheden en toepassingen, juridische en organisatorische implicaties en hoe ze te managen.

Voor registratie, meer informatie en contactgegevens : https://iot-convention.be/


Supporters of the 3IF Conference:

3IF – Industrial Internet Consortium Flanders – is an initiative by LSEC and Sirris to support the development of Industrial Internet, Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things in Belgium, especially towards the manufacturing industry. We will bring them closer to understanding the technologies for digital manufacturing, the impact on their business, and how they could make their first steps to improve flexibility, quality and cost reduction in their production process.


FIWARE Association -

ARC Advisory is without any doubt the global leading technology research and advisory firm for industry; that stands apart due to its in-depth coverage of both information technologies (IT) and operational technologies (OT). ARC analysts and consultants have the industry knowledge and the first-hand experience to help ARC clients find the best answers to the complex business issues facing organizations today. ARC provides technology supplier clients with strategic market research, and help end user clients develop appropriate adoption strategies and evaluate and select the best technology solutions for their needs

IIC Speaker

3IF & IoT Conference 2019 : Discount Registration Page


3IF IoT Conference 2019 2

You received the link to this registration page link as a valued member of the 3IF Community. If you’re planning to visit the 3IF Conference & IoT Convention please register via this link to claim your discounted entry ticket.

With visions from process and discrete manufacturing; with perspectives for automotive, pharma, petrochemical, food processing, machine makers, and many other industries; with innovative industry 4.0 technologies in the domains of analytics, iiot, big data, condition based maintenance, innovative PLM & MES and nothing but use cases; the 6th 3IF.eu conference promises to be yet another event not to miss. Especially now we’ve combined our strengths with our partners from www.iot-convention.be – BoI, we integrate smart with IoT for business and in smarter cities.

If you missed it, do note June 10th, 2020 for our next edition. 

Some highlights :

  • Carl Van Laer, Janssen Pharmaceutica : how active monitoring in the production process becomes key to the quality of the production and quality of the product. The autoclaves at Janssen Pharmaceutica, a global leader in the pharma industry and a Belgian Factory of the Future. In the pharmaceutical, chemical and other sectors autoclaves are being used as pressure chambers during the production process. The sterilization of equipment is important to avoid any contamination of the cell cultures. Equipment is expensive and the good functioning of the sterilization autoclaves is crucial to assure the availability of sterilized tools. At the 3IF.eu 2019 conference Carl van Laer of Janssen Pharmaceutica can demonstrate how machine learning tools assist the Leiden site to have a continuous supply of equipment thereby avoiding downtime and interruptions in the supply chain. Take the unique opportunity to hear and meet with Carl van Laer from the Belgian Factory of the Future Janssen. As Global Product Line Leader for historians at Janssen Mr Van Laer supports the 3 sectors of Johnson&Johnson (Janssen, Medical Device and Consumer) in different IoT initiatives worldwide. His presentation will inspire other production companies both small, medium and large to apply modern production technologies, highlighting potential benefits, and sharing best practices.

  • Johan Dekeyzer, Dekeyzer-Ossaer : The food sector, more in particular meat processing industry is expected to serve a top quality, traceable and in many cases customised product, with excellent sourcing and just-in time distribution mechanics. The Flemish Medium sized production company Dekeyzer-Ossaer has been setting the standard, by being one of the first food companies awarded the Factory of the Future award, by its innovative approach to new technologies and by its high quality products and services to its customers. Both process and discrete manufacturing companies can be inspired from the vision, approaches and down-to-earth and hard working Flemish entrepreneur Johan Dekeyzer. Thanks to the support of Flanders Food.

  • Stein Myrseth, ForgeRock in Toyota : In automotive the vehicle itself will evolve into becoming a fully IoT ecosystem on its own. A cryptographically trusted digital identity of the "vehicle" will be used to authenticate and authorize against various cloud services in addition to telematics data. Vehicle owners and drivers will be authenticated and authorized based on trusted relations and their roles between the vehicle and the users. The driver’s preferences and service subscriptions like Spotify etc. will be activated in the vehicle and will follow the driver not the car. The driver gives his consent to share selected parts of the vehicle telematics to his insurance company but can easily withdraw it at any time. Establishing the strong relation between human identities and IoT asset identities need both to be based on a “root of trust”. Next generation IoT services is beyond data only. Some examples from Toyota and other car manufacturers, and how this aligns with our engagement with the Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and Automotive Grade Linux (AGL).

If you want to meet with some of the speakers in a private setting, please contact us and we’ll get you a special invitation for a related event.



Servicing tens of thousands of connected cars : the importance for scaleable trusted mobile IoT identities in automotive and other industries. 
Stein Myrseth – FORGEROCK More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
14:00       Customer Co-creation Unlocks Industry 4.0 Value – The Digital Delta 
                Tim Scanlon – ABB More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Integrate end-to-end supply chain solutions into vertically integrated shop-to-top floor activities
Oliver Reisch – SEDAPTA More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Smart manufacturing and IoT driving the next industrial revolution
Erik Cotman – PWC More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Optimize the availability of the autoclaves at the Janssen site in Leiden (Netherlands)
Carl Van Laer – JANSSEN PHARMA More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
How the Meat Processing Industry can be an example to other industries, providing just in time customized, high quality and traceable products. 
Johan Dekeyzer- DEKEYZER – OSSAER More Info INDUSTRY 4.0


Keynote (AUDITORIUM): IoT research for a smarter planet
John Baekelmans – Director @ IMEC More Info AUDITORIUM
Smart Cities Flanders Cluster
The Beacon : Tackling the major challenges and opportunities in our cities together
Multisided business models, the missing link for IoT in smart cities
Frederik Aldelhof – VERHAERT More Info SMART CITIES
WORKSHOP: Low Energy Positioning (LEP) put in practice.
Benjamin Feigel & Maarten van Aerde – ENGIE M2M More Info SMART CITIES
From proof of concept to a market ready IoT solution
Tom Sorgeloos- ORANGE More Info SMART CITIES
WALKING LUNCH – Open between 12:30 and 14:00
Philippe Muyters – Flemish Minister for Employment, the Economy, Innovation and Sport More Info
How digitalisation affects all aspects of our society
Ingrid Reynaert – AGORIA More Info SMART CITIES
The how and why of artificial intuition
Wim van Den Broeck – ROOM FOUR ZERO More Info SMART CITIES
Opportunities for the development of space-enabled applications
Nicolas Helsen – ESA More Info SMART CITIES
PoC to Production, Focus on IoT security 
Vito Rallo – PWC More Info SMART CITIES
Delivering the data to Smart Cities
Patrick Willekens – OPTION More Info SMART CITIES
Cloud manufacturing solution for compliant serialisation and packing of medicines
Marc Blekkink – MOVILITAS + Stijn Vlaminck – ALTER PHARMA More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Digital Strategist Panel
Ulrich Seldeslachts + Ulrich Alhle, Bart Demaegdt, Mark Blekkink,
Christophe Behler, Carl van Laer INDUSTRY 4.0
FIWARE, Open Source Enablers for our Smart Digital Future and its potential for SMEs
Ulrich Ahle – FIWARE More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Simplified robotic engineering and fast application go-live
Bart Demaegdt – SIEMENS More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Predictive Maintenance with Smart Condition Monitoring in manufacturing
Christophe Behler – MITSUBISHI More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Gain business momentum in manufacturing – “think big, start small” user stories
Stijn Roggeman – BRIGHT EYE More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
WORKSHOP – About Trinity and financing
How Trinity finances your SME’s robotics and IoT transition to improve agility in manufacturing More InfoINDUSTRY 4.0
WORKSHOP – Inspiration Session 1 
TRINITY demonstrators and inspiring use cases filled with exciting innovative technologies like: Mobile robots, Digital twins, Flexible Assembly Systems More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
WORKSHOP – Inspiration Session 2 
Robotic technologies for factories of the future.
More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
WORKSHOP – TRINITY open calls 
Presentation of the TRINITY funding opportunities for SME’s, requirements and preliminary call topics. In this short overview, the high level perspective of the future open calls and some detail of the requirements, such as the preliminary topics, will be presented.
More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Your interactive feedback on the call topics
More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
WORKSHOP – 20min interactive session 1 
Give feedback to the most relevant call topic/inspirational use case presented (1 out of 5)
More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
WORKSHOP – 20min interactive session 2 
Give feedback to the 2nd most relevant call topic/inspirational use cases presented (1 out of 5)
More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
WORKSHOP – Wrap up of the interactive session booths 
Overview of needs and interests and search for partners
More Info INDUSTRY 4.0
Philippe Muyters – Flemish Minister for Employment, the Economy, Innovation and Sport More Info
Analytics and the Internet of Things, a world of opportunities 
Art Ericx – SPLUNK More Info INDUSTRY 4.0



Practical Details & Registration

3IF Industry 4.0 Conference & Internet of Things Convention
June 19, Lamot Conference Center, Mechelen
To evaluete the full agenda please visit the event page