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The 3if.eu webinars have been conceived to work towards our annual 3if.eu conference, normally taking place June 10th, but due to the current new normal, supporting our community with additional webinars. 

The webinars are supported by some our structural partners LSEC, Vlaio and some operational partners. 

From May 27th, every second wednesday morning at 9AM we will be organizing our webinars on Industrial IoT for Factories, and specifically focusing on developments in condition based maintenance. 

Special times need special measures? Have the lockdown period changing the maintenance good practices? Applying the Industry 4.0 principles in Maintenance will cover the restriction in this period?
In many fields, yes, for sure, as the conditions changed, new regular normal mindset should replace what we were considered before.
But when we talk about the industrial production site, even if the external conditions were changed, the maintenance department still should assure the same OEE as in normal times.
And in the same time, it looks as other new implication will reduce the resources for the maintenance department – in people, in spare-parts stock and with less functional logistic for supply.
We would like to see and learn from the specialists what is and what should be the actual industrial maintenance.


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3if Webinars MS Industrial 20200603


June 3rd 2020, Wednesday, 9AM CET 
Session 2 :  Azure IoT and Microsoft's Industrial developments

In 2019 at the Hannover Fair, Microsoft introduced its Azure platform for Industry. In the fall of 2019, the Azure Sentinels platform was introduced in the world. In April 2020, Microsoft acquired CyberX and in May this year, the company announced the launch of the Digital Twin Platform. During this session we are trying to understand the  ongoing strategy behind these developments and how Microsoft is gearing up to drive the Digital transformation for the manufacturing industry. 


Previous Sessions : 

May 27th 2020, Wednesday, 9AM CET : 
Session 1 :  Best Practices from the Mantis Method - 
Use Cases for Industrial IoT Condition Based Maintenance

3if Webinars CBM Mantis Albano 20200527 2

Current advances in ICT are shaping the way we live and work. Current communication solutions allow people to be “always online, always connected”, and similar technologies are applied to machine communication, also known as M2M communication. In particular, research and development efforts are devoted to extending the IoT to maintenance, thus providing ubiquitous access through the Internet to industrial systems under maintenance.

Two cornerstones for this (r)evolution, which is part of Industry 4.0, are the utilization of CPS in maintenance contexts, and leveraging data collected in the field by means of techniques from the Artificial Intelligence family. In this context, and based on these two cornerstone technologies, the MANTIS project (Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance) was born, to realize platforms that can perform CBM and PM in real industrial contexts.

About :Dr. Michele Albano is Research Associate in the CISTER Research Unit of the Polytechnic of Porto (Portugal), and Adjunct Professor at Polytechnic Institute of Cavado and Ave (Portugal). His research focuses on Cyber Physical Systems and Communication Middleware, in particular for the application areas of industrial maintenance, smart grids, and vehicular networks. He is a Founding Member of the Technical Committee on Green Communications and Computing (TCGCC).


The Mantis book can be downloaded here. More on MIMOSA or the Mantis project. 

The presentation by Michele, you can find here. 


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Up&Coming Sessions


June 10th 2020, Wednesday, 9AM CET 
Session 3 :  Experiences from the Fieldlab Condition Based Maintenance at
Chemelot (NL) and perspectives for maintenance of the future, with Paul Van Kempen