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Research Institute: TRENDMINER
Description: Data mining software & solutions for industry: D square helps plant managers to detect, analyze and solve critical bottlenecks so they can reach and even surpass the most challenging production targets. D square offers innovative and market leading data mining software for the industry, packaged as real-time software applications. Our solutions enable custom support and interaction for each operational role. In addition, D square offers high-level data mining services that result in process optimization. D square is a spin-off company of K.U.Leuven and won in 2009 the award of "best spin-off of the year".
Street + Number: Kempische Steenweg 297 b3
Postalcode + city: 3500 Hasselt
Country: Belgium
Office Phone: 0032495182616
Email Address: thomas.dhollander@trendminer.com
Website: http://www.trendminer.be
Science Department: Data mining software and solutions for industry
Group Research Institute:
Rating: 1
ICT security industry:
ICT security intstitute:

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