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Research Institute: TOREON
Callname: TOREON
Description: Toreon is the ICT security partner you need to find the optimal balance between security and accessibility. We offer innovative and specialized solutions that efficiently contribute to a working environment in which the risks of loss and abuse of data are controllable. By approaching security from a broader perspective than the mere technical limitation of information exchange, we enable users on the inside and the outside of your organization to confidently work and collaborate. Protecting Industrial Control Systems Within Toreon, we have experience in various environments and worked extensively on security within the industrial control system area of which including more than six years in a large electricity generation company. We can perform different penetration tests and security assessments within IT and Operational Technology (OT) environments, as well as assisting in securing these different environments (being it pure IT, pure ICS/SCADA or a mix of both)
Street + Number: Grotehondstraat 44/1
Postalcode + city: 2018 Antwerpen
Country: Belgium
Office Phone: 003233693396
Email Address: Dieter.Sarrazyn@toreon.com
Website: https://www.toreon.com/
Science Department: Industrial Automation Security
Group Research Institute:
Rating: 1
ICT security industry:
ICT security intstitute:

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