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Research Institute: ARIADNE
Callname: ARIADNE
Description: ARIADNE: tailor-made industrial automation solutions In Greek mythology Theseus thanks this life to Ariadne. Thanks to her resourcefulness he became immortal. In that same way Ariadne Industrial Automation wants to make yout company everlasting. Through tailor-made industrial automation solutions. From engineering and electrical diagrams, via electrical panel building and field installation to PLC and PC programming, and onsite commissioning. Well-thought out, solid, and user-friendly. Meeting the most stringent quality and reliability standards. So that you will have the edge when successfully facing the market. ARIADNE makes a thorough analysis of customer needs and formulates well thought-out, user friendly and made-to-measure solutions. With Industrial IT projects the emphasis lies on our MES/MIS and other automation based PC-applications. Most of these projects are tailor made on the basis of specific customer requirements and product surroundings. These projects find ther way in several fields of application, mostly in production and logistic areas. In the most of projects process data from the production area will be collected processed. A large number of tasks can be carried out such as: tracking&tracing, trending, dashboards, planning, maintenance, transport control, sequencing, warehouse management, analysis, reports, Data can be passed on to the ERP level, but also from ERP level data can be passed on to the production level. Generally RFID tags are used as tracking device. During the years we have build up a library of standard functions en communication modules between several ERP databases, PC?s, PLC's, scanners and several tools in production areas. We have developed all software in own management with is written in .NET.
Street + Number: Industrieterrein Kolmen 1108
Postalcode + city: 3570 Alken
Country: Belgium
Office Phone:
Email Address:
Website: http://www.ariadne.be/
Science Department:
Group Research Institute:
Rating: 1
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