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Research Institute: SENTIANCE
Description: IoT platform voor connected cars, medische toepassingen en home automation. Sentiance biedt oplossingen vanuit een cloud platform dat gegevens ophalen uit devices, en in dit geval wagens om op een intelligence manier mee om te springen. Personal assistance Use on board sensors to analyze the in car context of the driver. Use Sentiance mobile SDK to learn our of car context Tailor in car experience to overall driver context. Driver profiling The most accurate, battery efficient and cost effective SDK based driver scoring solution on the market. Measures mobile phone related distraction Includes aggregate driver scores as well as individual driving events (brakes, turns, accelerations, …)
Street + Number: Korte Lozanastraat 20-26
Postalcode + city: 2018 Antwerp
Office Phone: +32 3 369 96 96
Email Address:
Website: http://www.sentiance.com
Science Department:
Group Research Institute:
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