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Research Institute: SCREVLE
Callname: SCREVLE
Description: FROM CONCEPT TO PRODUCT LAUNCH Leverage our Screvle Engineering Services or develop your own end-user products using our Screvle development kits Screvle delivers engineering services to build professional products: Requirements and specification workshops Software and hardware customization For OEM manufacturing Screvle facilitates: Electronics engineering Enclosure and packaging design Production validation and Quality Control Supply chain management Rebranding Certifications The Screvle technology platform is also available as a development kit for engineering teams to jump-start their product development: Focused engineering training Full architecture and source-code access Premium support
Street + Number: Wingepark 25
Postalcode + city: 3110 Rotselaar
Office Phone: +32 477 56 51 91
Email Address: info@screvle.com
Website: http://www.screvle.com/#top
Science Department:
Group Research Institute:
Rating: 0
ICT security industry:
ICT security intstitute:

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