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21st – 22nd September 2016, Olympia, London

The 3rd Smart Home Summit will provide critical insight into the pivotal questions facing the industry – what will it take to transition from niche to mass market? How can go-to-market strategies be enhanced? How can retailers do more to educate and engage customers? Which standards bodies will take the industry into the future? How are companies collaborating to form partnerships which maximise skill-sets?

Device manufacturers are still facing the challenge of how to reach the mass market with their products.  A review of pricing; closer liaison with retailers; installation and support services combine to ensure products will be more attractive to the mass market.   Adding a service alongside the products creates a more compelling proposition and fosters customer loyalty.  Business are devising new business models to support the transition from product seller to solution provider.

The conference will look in detail at the role of retailers in boosting smart home sales.  Discussions between retailers and product developers will identify key pain points and establish which USPs to use as prime hooks to engage the consumer.  We will focus on specific Smart Home training programmes for sales teams, positioning a dedicated space on the shop floor for Smart Home products and winning campaigns for increasing Smart Home product sales.

Partnerships are essential for success in the Smart Home industry.  Collaboration between device manufacturer and service provider make the ultimate package either for enhancing comfort, lifestyle, safety or reducing costs in the Smart Home.  We will identify how strong partnerships are formed and maintained; and how business models are adapted.

The standards debate continues and we will hear from leading standards bodies, providing updates on standards developments, partnership and plans for future growth.

The Smart Home Summit is dedicated to exploring the technologies, analysing the opportunities, and bringing together senior decision makers, colleagues and peers to meet, learn and do business.  Following the success of the 2015 Smart Home Summit, which was sold out with over 450 participants, we look forward to an exciting show with more case studies, increased networking opportunities and a co-location with Smart Cities and Industrial Internet conferences.

For speaking opportunities please contact Caroline Broderick – caroline@nexusmediacom.com


Draft Agenda: Speakers not confirmed unless indicated

09.00    Chairman’s Welcome

09.05 – 09.30  Unleashing Opportunities for Huge Value-Add in Smart Home Usability

Alexander Tibbets, Co-Founder, IFTTT

09.30-10.00:     Panel Discussion: Security, Health, Cost-Saving, Entertainment – What will be the Key Trigger for Smart Home Growth?

- Where do customers see the key benefits of investing in smart home products?

- Will security and well-being drive more growth than cost-saving?

- How key is entertainment in triggering smart home entry?

- What will it take to push smart home solutions to the mass market?

Chris George, Head of UK and Ireland Marketing, Electrolux (confirmed)

Verena Rathjen, CEO Global Business Segment Luminaires / Smart Home, OSRAM

Colette Burke, Vice President, Europe, Bose Corporation

Letha McLaren, Chief Marketing Officer, Piper (confirmed)

10.10 – 10.40:  Panel Discussion : Who Will Control the Smart Home?

- The hub is the Trojan horse of the Smart Home – what will it be?  Thermostat, alarm system, kitchen appliance, router…?

- Is the Smart TV a new favourite option for Smart Home hub?

- Who does the consumer trust

- Who are the new game-changers?

- Can telcos and utilities risk not taking control of the smart home?

- Maximising existing customer relationships

- Delivering the best end-to-end experience

Teresa Fallon, Innovation Manager, Electric Ireland (confirmed)

Michael Jary, Head of Domestic Strategy, SSE (confirmed)

Kam Kothia, Director, Time2Direct (confirmed)

Jon Carter, Deutsche Telekom

Christian Deilmann, Co-founder, Tado

10.50 – 11.10:  Smart Home Vision

- Where is the Smart Home going in the next 2 – 3 years?

- Growth forecast

- Predicted challenges

- Anticipated industry champions

From Product Manufacturer to Service Provider

11.20 – 11.40:  Increasing Revenues and Margins with In-Life Support Services

- Moving away from one-stop purchasing

- Re-inventing products into services

- Developing recurring services and revenue streams – not just a one-off payment

- Leveraging remote capabilities for support

11.50 – 12.20:  Panel Discussion: Smart Home Monetization

- Moving to a world where all revenue will become recurring revenue

- Providing quick response to customer demand

- Subscription-based business models

- Updating billing systems

Invited Panellists include:

Paul Birch, VP Europe, Swann Security

Eamon Conway, Managing Director, Climote (confirmed)

Kam Kothia, Director, Time2Direct (confirmed)


Collaboration and Partnerships


12.30 – 12.50:  Collaborating to Ensure Top Quality Products and Service

- Detailing the Smart Home trial in the Midlands

- Bringing diverse companies together for a cohesive service

- Combining strengths for an integrated Smart Home system

- Understanding how consumers use technology in the home

- Establishing the benefits and combining the improvements around security, convenience and cost-saving

Paul Howard, Technical Director, D-Link (confirmed)

12.50 – 14.00 : Lunch

14.00 – 14.30:  Panel Discussion: The Pros and Cons of an OpenSource Platform

While partnerships are key to smart home success and open platforms foster innovation and collaboration, there remain disadvantages to the opensource route.  Can security concerns and additional challenges be overcome in order to enable opensource success?

Enhancing Useability of Smart Home Solutions

Invited Panellists include:        

A Representative Mozaiq


Enhancing the Customer Experience


14.40 – 15.10: Panel Discussion – Selecting the Optimum Interface for Smart Home Control

- Examining the role of voice in smart home control

- Gesture control

- Wearables

- Intuitive learning

Which interface works best for the consumer – driving acceptance, uptake and useage

Panellists include:

Joacim Westlind, CEO, FLIC (confirmed)

15.20 – 15.50: PechaKucha: Product or App – Which Determines the User Experience?

- Do customers rate their experience based on the product or the app?

- Are poor apps damaging the product experience?

- Can a great app make a weak product more attractive?

- Working to ensure the entire experience is outstanding  - product + app

Invited Panellists include:

Todd Pedersen, CEO and Founder, Vivint

A Representative, Honeywell

John Mudge, Chief Operating Officer, MAX Smart Home

Listening to the Customer

16.00 – 16.20:  Customer Insight for Customer Retention

- Increasing knowledge of the customer by continued contact

- Offering targetted and tailored upsell opportunities

- Anticipating customer needs and usage patterns

- Getting closer to the customer

16.30 – 17.00    Smart Home Summit Unplugged

17.00    Networking Drinks Reception

Day Two – 22nd September 2016

09.15    Chairman’s Welcome


09.25 – 10.05    What Can Retailers Do to Enhance Smart Home Sales?

- Create dedicated space in store for the Smart Home category – bringing the experience to life

- Explain, showcase, educate

- Work closely with device manufacturers to emphasise the value of the proposition

- Raise customer awareness

Moderator: Adam Simon, Global Managing Director – Retail Business Development, Context (confirmed)

Invited Panellists include:

David Beckingham, Senior Buyer, Screwfix

Graham Harris, Commercial Director, Maplin (confirmed)

Matt James, Lead Buyer, Connected Home, B&Q (confirmed)

John Vary, Innovation Manager, John Lewis

10.15 – 10.45:  How Can Retailers and Manufacturers Work Together Better to Focus on the Mass Market?

- What information can manufacturers provide retailers to help sell the products?

- How can manufacturers become more involved in the retail process?

- How can retailers benefit from manufacturers’ input?

Invited Speaker Include:

Jo Hickson, Group Head of Innovation, Home Retail Group

A Representative, Boots

A Representative, Costco

Dave Bell, Founder & CEO, Vesternet (confirmed)

A Representative, ERA Home Security (confirmed)

Mark Honeycutt, Chief Executive Officer, Jiawei Technology USA (confirmed)

10.55 – 11.25:  Panel Discussion: Too Much Focus on Reaching the Mass Market ?  Is There Still a Place for High-End Products and Solutions? 

- Is there too much focus on how to reach the mass market, or are volume sales the aim of the industry?

- Is there still a place for high-end products and solutions?

- Marketing strategy for the high-end segment

- Key products and solutions for high spend customers

Panellists include:

A Representative, CEDIA (confirmed)

11.35 – 11.55:  How Important is Cost in the Purchase Decision?

- Does a drop in cost make a big impact on the decision to purchase?

- Can the business model absorb a drop in purchase price?

- Making the products more accessible to the mass market at a lower price

- Driving spontaneous purchasing with lower pricing

12.05 – 12.35:  Panel Discussion: DIY or DIFM

- Are many products really suitable for DIY installation?

- Do customers prefer DIY or DIFM?

- Will DIFM support influence the purchase decision?

- Providing installation support for increased sales

- Enhancing the customer experience

Panellists include:

Mark Honeycutt, Chief Executive Officer, Jiawei Technology USA (confirmed)


12.45 – 13.05    Bringing the Smart Home Business to Life

- The reality of the smart home business

- Taking the products to market

- How successful is the business and why?

- Detailing the challenges and where things have gone wrong

- Helping the customers

- Close collaboration with partners

James Monigham, Managing Director (Europe), SmartThings (confirmed)


13.05 – 14.05    Lunch



14.05- 14.25      The Journey from Utility to Smart Home Provider

- Adding new products to the proposition

- Moving on from Utility to Smart Home Provider

- Selecting the solutions for the expanded product range

- Providing an established customer base with a more comprehensive proposition

Kass Hussain, Director of Connected Home, Hive, British Gas (confirmed)

14.35 – 14.55    The Role of Audio in the Smart Home

A Representative, Audio Analytic

14.55 – 15.15    Panel Discussion: Changing the Way we Live with Connected Technology

- Face recognition for entry systems

- Real time medical monitoring

- Bringing the personal touch to make smart home services “must have”

- Cost-savings with energy monitoring

Neil Smith, Head of Research and Innovation, NHBC

Stefan Grosjean , CEO, Smappee (confirmed)

15.25 – 15.55    Pecha Kucha Innovation Session: Innovation for Product Differentiation

How to differentiate your product – Finding a way to Gain Traction in the Market: market research, customer insight, price, aesthetic, service, or something else?? 

4 speakers will demonstrate their innovative strategies

Invited Speakers include:

Martin Ward, Senior Product Manager, Hozelock

Daniel Dykes, Director of Business Development, Aeon Labs

Vanessa Folkesson, Advisor, Ikea (confirmed)

Connectivity and Interoperability


16.05 – 16.35    Panel Discussion: Identifying Key Technology Drivers for Wider Adoption of Smart Home Solutions

- Achieving better communication between products and devices

- Ensuring devices are speaking the same language

- Overcoming power challenges

- Key benefits of different standards

Invited Panellists include:

Olivier Carmona, Board Member, DLNA (confirmed)

A Representative, HomeGrid Forum (confirmed)

16.45 – 17.15    Panel Discussion: Addressing Smart Home Security Concerns

- Are security concerns the biggest challenge to smart home growth?

- How can consumer concerns be allayed?

- Understanding the danger of treating security as an add-on: focus on security from the start

-Who owns the personal data?

- Concerns around data sharing

 17.15 Close of Conference

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