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The importance and added value created by internet-based services on the basis of intelligent linked data – so-called smart services – is increasing more and more: Business models develop out of data, values develop from business models, growth and prosperity develop from values. Industrial Data Space opens up a new dimension for companies all over the world in the fields of industry, services and retail, for the way they handle data and how they use this, the raw material of the digital economy.

For companies, data is only worthwhile if it can be processed. At the same time, a new, comprehensive and generally accepted handling practice has to be anchored in the way data is utilized.

Industrial Data Space is a virtual data space which supports the secure exchange and simple linking of data in business ecosystems on the basis of standards and by using collaborative governance models. Data is only exchanged if it is requested from trustworthy certified partners. The data owner – i.e. the company – determines who is allowed to use the data in what way. As a result, the partners of one supply chain have joint access to certain data by mutual consent so that they can start something new, develop new business models, design their own processes more efficiently or initiate additional added value processes elsewhere, either alone or together.

Join the First Industrial Data Space Association Summit


By this new and innovative event format the participants will gain the opportunity to discover the Industrial Data Space Association (IDSA), to take part actively and to encourage the internationalization of the Industrial Data Space. In addition, this three-day event will integrate all working group- and taskforce sessions as well as the general assemby, and will inspire you by offering different workshops, newbie-sessions, speed-dating and counting.

Be part of it. Save the date.

More information and registration on the IDS Website


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