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Up to €300.000 equity free funding for SME's

TRINITY DIH provides up to €300,000 equity free funding for SME use case demonstrators. A minimum of 30 demonstrators will be funded. Open call 1 is now open until March 13th 2020.


SME led consortia of 1-3 partners SMEs and slightly bigger companies.


Up to €300,000 funding per demonstration Support from TRINITY.


Demonstrating own idea or testing TRINITY demonstrators,

6-12 month demonstration.



Call closes March 13th 2020,

Funded projects expected to start by June 2020.

TRINITY Open Call in a Nutshell

You can find some of the call related documents here open-call documents.

The initial TRINITY demonstrators will serve as reference implementation for two rounds of open calls for proposals, where companies with agile production needs and sound business plans will be supported (financially and technically) by TRINITY to carry out experiments in industrial environments.

Calls will be open for three months after their publication and each demonstrator can get up to €300,000 in funding. First call is estimated to open in November 2019.

If you want to participate in a project proposal, your organisation needs to be registered and have a 9-digit Participant Identication Code (PIC). Register your organisation PIC number here.

TRINITY open calls will be handled using the F6S platform. If you plan to apply for TRINITY funding, you can already register to F6S platform. Follow TRINITY on F6S platform

F6S is home to over a million tech founders, 800k startups and more than 10,000 startup programs globally. F6S delivers founders growth through startup programs, opportunities to drive traction, grants and services.

Learn more about the Open Call in TRINITY webinar! Or check the FAQ section.

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